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Victorian Jury Project

ARC Jury Sentencing Study (the Victorian Jury Project)

This is the webpage for the Victorian Jury project. This project is being undertaken by Professor Kate Warner (University of Tasmania), Associate Professor Julia Davis (University of South Australia), and Professor Arie Freiberg (Monash University). This research is funded under the Discovery Grants Scheme of the Australian Research Council.

The purpose of this research is to ascertain informed public attitudes to sentences imposed by the courts and in particular:

  • in relation to sentencing severity;
  • the relevance of aggravating and mitigating factors in the sentencing of offenders; and
  • to understand the difference between views in relation to a particular case and general views as to sentencing practice.

Download the juror information sheet for this study.

We have finished recruiting new jurors to participate in this project. Stage 1 of the project was recently completed in May 2014. During this time, 130 criminal trials were included in our study and from these 130 criminal trials, 1010 jurors completed survey 1. The stage 2 survey and stage 3 interviews are now well underway. We have so far received 280 completed stage 2 surveys from jurors and we anticipate that stage 2 of the project will be completed in December 2014. We have so far conducted interviews with 34 jurors and anticipate we will complete all interviews by December 2014. The fourth and final stage of the project involving a follow-up survey should be completed by June 2015.

We plan on presenting preliminary findings from the study at the following conferences in 2014:

  • Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology Conference (Sydney, 1-3 October)
  • Criminal Law Conference (Melbourne, 9-11 October)
  • Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration Annual Conference (Melbourne, 24 October)
  • Juries Conference (Sydney, 7 November)