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The Conference ran over two days in January 2013 (Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th).

The first day of the Conference featured presentations on a variety of topics, including the keynote address which was delivered by Professor Marsha Baum from the University of New Mexico (USA). The Conference began with a presentation by UTAS Sociology Professor Rob White, who discussed the topic of 'eco-justice'. Professor White was followed by Associate Professor Alex Bruce from the Australian National University who examined the relationship between animals and competition and consumer law and policy.

Keynote speaker, Professor Baum discussed the lessons Australia could learn from the American animal law experience. She was followed by UTAS law Professor Gary Meyers (with the assistance of Penelope Owen) who gave a presentation on wildlife law, focusing on the protection of endangered species and indigenous hunting and fishing rights in Australia.

The day concluded with The Public Q and A on Live Export and the Law, which was chaired by Voiceless CEO Dana Campbell, and featured two speakers: recent Voiceless Eureka Prize winner, Professor Clive Phillips from the University of Queensland and Dr Malcolm Caulfield, Founder and Principal Lawyer of the Animal Welfare Community Legal Centre in Tasmania. The Q and A was followed by a complimentary afternoon tea in the law school foyer, providing the Tasmanian community with an opportunity to engage with Conference participants and speakers. Just under $200 was raised at the Q and A to assist Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary with the rescue and rehabilitation of Tasmanian wildlife impacted by the recent Tasmanian bush fires.

The second day of the Conference featured two workshops, a panel discussion and a number of presentations by national animal law experts, including legal counsel from two of Australia’s most influential non-profit animal protection organisations (Voiceless and Animals Australia), and Voiceless patron Dr Melissa Perry QC.

The first workshop was directed by legal education expert, Professor Nick James from Bond University (with the assistance of Rochelle James) who examined current approaches to teaching animal law in Australia, with a view to identifying some 'best practice' principles. After morning tea, a panel discussion was held, which invited speakers to evaluate the adequacy of the Tasmanian animal welfare regime. The panel was chaired by Deputy Head of the Faculty of Law, Lynden Griggs, and included speakers from the Tasmanian Government, the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee and local Tasmanian animal welfare organisations (Brightside Farm Sanctuary and Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary).

The Conference concluded with a second workshop, directed by Griffith University’s Steven White which encouraged participants to consider the current challenges and  future  directions for animal law in Australia.

Saturday 19th January 2013

9-9.15am: Registration


Meg Good, Conference Co-ordinator


Eco-Justice for All: Contextualising Transgressions Against Humans, Animals and Environments

Professor Rob White, UTAS

10.30-11.30am: Animals as Beneficiaries of Competition and Consumer Law and Policy
Associate Professor Alex Bruce, ANU
Morning Tea
11.45-1pm: Keynote Address: Teaching and Living Animal law in the US: Lessons for Australia? Professor Marsha Baum, University of New Mexico
1.00-2pm: Lunch

Indigenous Hunting and Fishing Rights in Australia and the Protection of Endangered Species

Professor Gary Meyers, UTAS


Public Q and A: Live Export and the Law - View Flyer (PDF 150 kB) - View Video
Speakers: Professor Clive Phillips, University of QLD and Dr Malcolm Caulfield

Chair: Dana Campbell, CEO of Voiceless, the animal protection institute

More info on the Public Q and A

4.30-5pm: Afternoon tea break (open to the public)

Sunday 20th January 2013


Workshop: Teaching Animal Law in Australia

Directed by Professor Nick James, Bond University, (assisted by Rochelle James)


Role of Non-Profit Animal Welfare Groups in the Regulation of Animal Protection and the Development and Enforcement of Animal Law in Australia

Shatha Hamade, Legal Counsel for Animals Australia

11-11.15am Morning Tea

Panel Discussion: Evaluating Tasmania's Animal Welfare & Protection  Framework

Speakers: Mary Bennett, Professor Di Nicol, Robert Fisher, Dr Malcolm Caulfield, Emma Haswell and Greg Irons.

1-2pm: Lunch

Assessment of the Legislative Framework Addressing Factory Farmed Animals and Kangaroos in Australia

Ruth Hatten, Legal Counsel for Voiceless, the animal protection institute


Intensive Factory Farming: Challenges for the Rule of Law

Dr Melissa Perry QC


Workshop: Current Challenges and Future Directions for Animal Law in Australia

Directed by Steven White, Griffith University

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