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The Law School offers diverse opportunities in advocacy both within the curriculum and as extracurricular activities. Advocacy is central to the core second/third year units of Public Law and Constitutional Law and the final year Faculty Moot, which is held in the Supreme Court of Tasmania. There is also a summer elective which allows five students to compete in the prestigious Jessup International Law Moot. The unit involves participating in the Australian rounds of the competition in Canberra, held in February each year.

In addition to the advocacy training and requirements within in the curriculum, students have the opportunity to participate in number of internal and external competitions.

The internal competitions, organised by the Tasmania University Law Society (TULS) cater to a range of experience and competency levels. The University also sends a team to the Australian Law Students' Association (ALSA) National Championships, where UTAS has regularly enjoyed success - most recently, the 2015 team reaching the ALSA moot grand final.

Brendon Banks

Bachelor of Laws

Final year law student Brendon explains how mooting competitions work from his experience mooting around Australia.

Law School Competitions

The Internal competitions will be held on the 4 May 2019 for General Rounds, and 9 May 2019 for the Grand Final which will be held at the Supreme Court. For more detailed information, see the TULS Competition Guide.

Advocacy workshops

TULS is running an advocacy workshop in the fourth week of semester one on the 21 March 2019, for anyone considering participation in one of the competitions or for those beginning their first assessed mooting unit.

Junior Competitions

First and Second Year Students are able to participate in internal junior competitions. Due to the subject matter of these competitions, aside from the Junior Moot, the Clayton Utz Negotiation Competition is the most accessible competition for these year levels. However, junior participants may still compete in the Client Interview and Witness Examination if they wish to do so. The Junior competitions are designed to be an opportunity to discover the world of law competitions. They also provide the opportunity to meet other law students and professionals.

Senior Competitions

These are for students in their last three years of their degree. Senior participants may compete in any of the competitions, except for the Junior Moot. Please note that the 2019 ALSA teams for negotiations, witness examination and client interview will be selected from the internal competitions. :

  • Senior Moot
  • The Leo Cussen Junior Moot
  • The Clayton Utz Negotiations
  • The TLPC Client Interview
  • Witness Examination

These competitions also serve as the selection process for positions on the UTAS delegation to the ALSA National Championships, held annually between the first and second semesters. For more detailed information, see the TULS ALSA Guide.

Intervarsity Competitions

In addition to success at ALSA, UTAS teams have achieved outstanding results in a number of other intervarsity competitions, including the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) Moot. For more detailed information, see the TULS Intervarsity Guide.

In addition to the ALSA championships, we have also participated in the following competitions:


Tasmania University Law Society (TULS)

For more information contact the TULs Competitions Officers at

Information about all competitions will be emailed to students and advertised on the TULS Facebook page.