Faculty of Law

Upcoming Seminar: Insurance and genetic data: France prohibitive approach to the use of genetic data


Justice Byk of the Courts of Appeals in France to discuss genetics and insurance law reform.

Start Date

5th Aug 2016 1:00pm

End Date

5th Aug 2016 2:00pm


Faculty of Law Staff Room

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Please RSVP for catering purposes to law.secretary@utas.edu.au by the 3rd August.

In 2002, France adopted a prohibition against use of genetic data for insurance purposes. Despite this, it would appear that undisclosed genetic diseases may still void an insurance contract in France. Judge Byk will discuss several cases of where this occurred during his tenure as Judge at the Insurance Division of the Courts of Appeals (France). He will further consider how the French experience might inform genetics and insurance law reform endeavors in other jurisdictions, such as Australia.

Christian Byk is a professional judge. He also has a practice in international and human rights law and is an expert for the French Department of Justice and international organisations. He has been involved in the development of national and international law in the field of ethics of sciences and technology and bioethics for over 30 years. He founded a think tank in 1989, the International Association of Law, Ethics and Science. He is the general editor of the International Journal of Bioethics and of the Review Law, Health and Society as well as the author of 10 books and 200 articles.