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Upcoming seminar: Protecting the Third Pole: What are the issues and can it be done?


Prof Simon Marsden of Flinders University to present on issues surrounding protecting the Third Pole

Start Date

1st Dec 2016 1:00pm

End Date

1st Dec 2016 2:00pm


Faculty of Law Staff Room

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Please RSVP for catering purposes to: Law.Secretary@utas.edu.au by Tuesday 29th November 2016.

Protecting the Third Pole: What are the issues and can it be done?

The Third Pole is high altitude as the First (the Arctic) and the Second (the Antarctic) are high latitude; it is so called because outside the Arctic and Antarctic - contained within the Himalayas, Tibetan Plateau and associated ranges - is found most of the remaining ice and snow globally. The Third Pole is under threat from rapid development of its transboundary rivers for hydroelectricity, rapid road and rail construction, exploration and exploitation of numerous natural resources, and climate change. Is it possible that the environment can be protected in an area where countries such as India and Pakistan, and India and China are in dispute with one another? - are there any international legal or other solutions that can be applied?

Educated in the UK and Australia, Professor Simon Marsden joined Flinders University in 2010 from the Faculty of Law, Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has previously worked at law schools in Galway, Exeter and Tasmania, and practiced as a lawyer at the Environment Agency of England and Wales, and in private practice. Simon specialises in international, comparative and national environmental and energy law, and the relationship between law and politics; as an interdisciplinary scholar, he has a keen interest in global governance, constitutionalism and regions and sub-regions, particularly in Asia, Europe and at the Poles.