Faculty of Law

Upcoming Seminar: Through the Looking Glass: Nuremberg's Confusing Legacy on Corporate Accountability Under International Law


Jonathan Kolieb of RMIT and Melbourne Uni to present this public seminar on international law.

Start Date

5th May 2016 1:00pm

End Date

5th May 2016 2:00pm


Faculty of Law Staff Room

RSVP / Contact Information

Please RSVP for catering purposes to: Law.Secretary@utas.edu.au by Wednesday 4th of May 2016.

Whether corporations can be held accountable for international crimes remains a matter of dispute among legal scholars. Remarkably however, proponents of accountability, as well as those taking the contrary view, both invoke the legal history of the Nuremberg-era and in particular its treatment of major German corporations, to bolster their arguments. Clarifying Nuremberg's legacy in this regard is no mere historical exercise; its currency endures - informing contemporary litigation, and is also frequently referenced in the general debate about whether international law can and should be applied to corporations - an increasingly significant issue for global governance. This paper will explore how it is that, seventy years after the fact, there remain two competing understandings of Nuremberg's treatment of corporate accountability for international crimes.

Jonathan is a Lecturer in Law at the Graduate School of Business and Law, RMIT University, and a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne Law School. His dissertation is entitled: "Corporate Peace-building and the Law: Regulating the Private Sector for Conflict Transformation." His research and teaching interests focus on global governance issues, including current projects on business and human rights, and accountability of multinational corporations under international law. Jonathan has held positions with the Embassy of Australia-Washington DC, the United Nations, think-tanks and human rights NGOs – in Australia and abroad. Jonathan has an LL.M. and M.A. (UC Berkeley), and several law and political science degrees (Melbourne, Monash).