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Alumni publication: Virtual currencies in the Eurosystem: challenges ahead

Check out a recent publication from UTAS Law alumnus Jason Grant Allen.

In a recent in-depth study commissioned by the European Parliament ECON Committee, authors Jason Allen and Rosa María Lastra explore the legal and regulatory challenges for the Eurosystem that arise from the startling growth of the market in so-called ‘virtual currencies’ (VCs). They draw a distinction between privately issued VCs―such as Bitcoin―and VCs issued by central banks, and consider the implications of VCs for monetary policy and monopoly of note issue, and the risks for the financial system at large that are relevant to central banks.

Jason Grant Allen is the Humboldtian Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Centre for British Studies, Humboldt Univeristät zu Berlin and a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Law Markets and Regulation, University of New South Wales as well as Adjunct Research Fellow at the University of Tasmania. Jason graduated from UTAS in 2007 with first class honours in Law.

Published on: 09 Sep 2018 11:25am