Faculty of Law

Femininity and Politics in Conversation with Lara Giddings.

From the ‘Stories of our Law School’ Pod-Cast Series. By Grace Williams.

Being a woman in politics is fraught with many challenges. Our political institutions can be a wilderness for many women. Though these challenges are becoming easier for female politicians, gender stereotypes are still present. These stereotypes are barriers to all women who are may attempt to access leadership roles in society. The barriers of entry for women in Australian politics present a challenge for female participation in the politics. Australia is ranked 50th in the world for female participation in parliament. The current widening gender gap in politics is an issue which most politicians on the left and right consider a problem. In this podcast Lara Giddings and I discuss some of the challenges of being a woman in leadership. As a politician and former Premier of Tasmania, Lara was able to articulate some of the many challenges faced by women in public life. This podcast casts light on some of the subtle and overt discriminatory practises that women in politics must navigate daily.

Lara Giddings is a woman who has blazed the trail for women in politics. In this podcast she talks about her experience of being elected to parliament while still studying at law school. The disappointment she felt when she lost her seat and the determination it took to get back up again. By overcoming all those setbacks to lead Tasmania as the first female Premier through the Global Financial Crisis in 2011, Lara’s story reveals that no matter the barriers faced by women in politics we can overcome them.

Published on: 18 Jan 2018 3:39pm