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The industrialist and academic take UTAS

There’s something almost poetic about the similar but vastly different lives of Tim McCormack and Lee Whiteley.

They both grew up in the North-West, married women from Devonport and were in the first generation of their family to attend university.

This year they both started senior leadership positions at the University of Tasmania but they took very different paths to get there.

Professor McCormack took the traditional academic path, earning his PhD, holding prestigious fellowships and spending 28 years at Melbourne Law School.

He became UTAS Law School Dean off the back of his reputation as an international humanitarian law expert and work with the International Criminal Court.

Mr Whiteley, meanwhile, left school at 16 to be an electrician and didn’t step onto a university until he was 37.

He became University College chief executive after decades in industry where he held senior positions in the Elphinstone Group. Read the full article in The Advocate

Published on: 06 Jul 2018 12:20pm