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Enrolled students can access the Vice-Chancellor's leadership award activities in MyLO.


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The Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Award is given only to those with the determination, dedication and perseverance to be accepted and successfully complete the program.

The award was created to educate, challenge and inspire. The award is designed to strengthen a student's character, work ethic, community awareness, leadership and employability.

So what are you waiting for? Stand up, stand out and stand proud with the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Award.

The Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Award will be offered in Semester 2. Students are encouraged to enrol in Peer Learning and Leadership: Theory and Practice XLL300, an eight week online unit, which commences on the 27th of April. The unit explores a range of theories relevant to student leadership, including an introduction to leadership in volunteering. Opportunities to engage in volunteering will also occur. The unit provides a foundation for the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Award in Semester 2 and can be credited towards a Bachelor of Philosophy or a Bachelor of General Studies

Information on enrolling in the Bachelor of Philosophy or the Bachelor of General Studies.

It's recommended, that students intending to enrol in the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Award, commence their volunteering in Semester 1, as this will count towards their volunteering hours.

Enrolment in the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Award will be an online process and will be advertised later in the year.

Vice Chancellor's Leadership Award

The Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Award is for students in final and penultimate years. It is designed to give you the types of skills and experience that employers are looking for, with a strong focus on personal development.

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An exciting component of this award is the opportunity to develop your leadership skills through volunteering.

Volunteering is a fantastic way to realise your full human potential by developing your own skills all whilst making a valuable contribution to society! Increasingly, employers are looking for demonstrated leadership experience and skills when recruiting university graduates.

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Registrations will open later in the semester.

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