The Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Program

Volunteer Organisations

Does your agency want to be involved in the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Program?

Build your experience.
Develop your leadership and employability.
Be recognised.

The Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Program (VCLP) is designed to enable you to identify and contribute to activities and experiences that enhance your learning and make a difference. Your participation and achievements in the VCLP will be formally recognised and celebrated, enhancing the competitive edge of your degree. The Program will provide you with support to develop your leadership skills and employability, through engagement with volunteering, industry, research and entrepreneurship.

Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Program 2016

This leadership and employability program will include support and recognition for your participation in:

  • A 1st year unit which gives credit for volunteering. This unit can be taken as an elective or part of the Bachelor of Philosophy. The unit will be open to enrolments by June 2016.
  • A range of awards that will be recorded on your academic transcript recognising your participation in either:
     - Industry experiences
     - Volunteering
     - Research
     - Global experiences 
     - Peer mentoring
     - Sustainability and Social Responsibility
  • Supported development of a competitive employment profile.
  • Public recognition and a formal celebration with key industry stakeholders and future employers.
  • An alumni network for recipients of the culminating Vice Chancellor's Leadership Award.
How to be involved

If you will be graduating in 2017 or beyond, then you have the opportunity to be part of this exciting and new program. To be one of the first to hear about it, register here!

If you are graduating in 2016, you can still be a part of the VCLP by enrolling in XLL301. Enrolments are open now and you can enrol by emailing*

*Please note that this is the last year that XLL301 will be offered. A new unit for all students interested in the VCLP will be available in Semester 2, 2016.