The Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Award

What past students said

VCLA Zoe Bok & ShinJou Teh

"The Vice-Chancellor's Leadership program provided me with powerful leadership communication skills that I had not been exposed to during my studies. The Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Award was the most rewarding part of my bachelor degree. I am glad to have been part of this awesome program." - ShinJou Teh

"The Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Award was a great opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of the many aspects of leadership that occur within the workplace. The program exposed me to the underlying processes that combine to make the stereotypical leader figure and introduced me to a range of volunteering opportunities. I also met a great group of people and got the chance to interact with learned and influential university, business, and community members. I would strongly recommend the program to other students." - Zoe Bok

"My professional attitude and sense of responsibility has evolved in a positive, non-threatening environment. It has been a pleasant and huge learning curve. It has set a benchmark on how I will enter my profession equipped with the right attitude and prepared for responsibilities." - Anon

VCLA student

"Participating in the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Award is one of the most worthwhile and positive things any student can undertake. It provides an opportunity to not only contribute enormously to the community on a local, national and global scale, but to form genuine, long lasting friendships with some amazing people who share a common goal and vision. Being a recipient of the VCLA is one of my proudest achievements in life and in my academic career. It has provided a life altering path and set new standards for my goals both personally and professionally. It is a great experience and a great achievement for everyone who chooses to stand up, stand out and stand proud." - Judy Markos

"The VCLA program is the best personal development I have ever experienced." - Anon

"I think the VCLA has been one of the most important activities I have done at Uni, because it has enhanced my learning, teamwork and creativity and has given me new perspective with which to undergo tasks." - Anon