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Guidelines on the use of the Personal Information Consent Form

The Consent Form has been provided by the Legal Office for use by University staff when taking and using photographs of individuals. It is designed to address the University's privacy obligations. The highlighted parts are to be completed by the staff member. If you require any other modifications to the form, or advice on particular issues raised by your activity, please contact the Legal Office.

When taking and using photographs of individuals, the University has certain privacy obligations under the Personal Information Protection Act 2004 (Tas). This is because a photograph in which an individual can be identified is personal information. Among other things, the University must take any reasonable steps necessary to ensure individuals are aware of certain matters when collecting their personal information, including:

  • The purposes of collection and intended recipients of the information (details of the purpose and recipients must be added to Box 1 of the form following the instructions provided) and
  • The individual's right of access to the information, as well as the University's identity and how to contact it (appropriate contact details must be added to Box 2 of the form following the instructions provided).

The description of the purpose and use is important as the University can only use or disclose personal information for a purpose other than that for which it was collected in certain limited circumstances. Please contact the Legal Office before making any use of the photographs or other personal information not specifically covered by the individual's consent on this form.

Please note that this form is only intended to address the University's privacy obligations in relation to the individual being photographed. The collection and use of photographs by the University also potentially raises copyright issues that must be considered. The best way to deal with the issue of copyright is for a University staff member to take the required photographs in the course of their employment, such that the copyright is owned by the University. If the photographs are to be taken by someone else, or if the photographs already exist, please seek the assistance of the Legal Office so that the University can ensure it obtains the rights it needs to use the photographs.

Access the Consent Form (PDF 61KB)