Centre for Legal Studies

Admission as a Legal Practitioner

A trainee who successfully completes the TLPC may expect to be admitted as a practitioner in late August of the same year.

Most applications will be heard on the same day in the Supreme Court in Hobart, however, it is possible for a trainee to have their application dealt with at another time, or at the Launceston or Burnie Courts.

Provided a trainee has successfully completed the TLPC and has all of the other statutory pre-requisites, they may apply for admission at any time in the future subject to any future legislative changes.

The admission process is a formal, and somewhat lengthy one, and as in past years guidance and assistance with it will be given to trainees by TLPC instructors, and staff from the Supreme Court registry. However, it is the responsibility of each trainee to be aware of the legislative provisions and the relevant law, and to complete the paperwork, comply with the timeframe and other requirements, file and serve documents and to pay the filing fee (currently $150) to the Supreme Court. For more information see pages 20-24 of the TLPC Handbook.

Applicants for admission are often uncertain about what matters should be disclosed to an Admitting Authority when applying for admission to the legal profession. As a result, the Law Admissions Consultative Committee (LCA) has developed and adopted Disclosure Guidelines for Applicants for Admission to the legal profession. Potential applicants should familiarise themselves with the legislative requirements and these Guidelines.

Additional information and advice on making an application for admission to the legal profession in Tasmania can be found on the Supreme Court website.