Borrow from UTAS Library

Low Demand Items (General Collection)

Borrower category No. of items Loan period Renewals
Undergraduates  25 28 days 3
Undergraduate Flexible borrowers 25 35 days 3
Honours, Postgraduates & Staff 50 84 days 3
Other borrowers 25 28 days 3

High Demand Items

Item category No. of items Renewals
Reserve 2 hour 2 1
Reserve 24 hour 2 1
3 day loan 5 3


  • Flexible borrowers have a 3 day loan for 5 days
  • Other borrowers are unable to borrow 2 hr & 24 hr reserve items (Royal Hobart Hospital staff excepted)

Print Journals

Borrower category No. of items Loan period Renewals
Honours, Postgraduates & Staff  5  3 days  1


  • The maximum number of items an undergraduate or other borrowers may borrow is 25 items
  • The maximum number of items an honours, postgraduate or staff member may borrow is 50 items

From General Collection

  • Take your ID card (or borrower card) and your items to the Desk or to self check terminal if available.
  • Please keep the due date receipt or check My Library to see when your items are due. 
    Note: The due date may change if the item is recalled
  • Borrowing arrangements if you are registered with Flexible Library Service.

How to return items

 Reserve items: 
  • Need to be returned to the library that you borrowed the item from
  • Must be renewed or returned by the due date and time as shown on your due date receipt and in My Library
Recalled items:
  • Need to be returned by the NEW DUE DATE stated in the recall e-mail and in My Library
  • May be returned at any UTAS Library
All other items:
  •  Need to be renewed or returned by the due date as shown on your due date receipt and in My Library
  • May be returned at any UTAS Library
After Hours 
  • After hour return chutes are available in all libraries.  The return chutes in the Art, Clinical, Cradle Coast and Music Libraries are accessible ONLY when the buildings are open
  • Note. If you return an item (other than a reserve item) in a return chute after the Library is closed or unstaffed it will be backdated to the date the Library was last open
 Other Return Locations
  • TasTAFE Devonport Library
  • Inveresk Launceston  - Return chute is located inside the School of Architecture foyer 
Please remember fines for overdue items apply

Need help?

How do I renew?

  1. Click on My Library
  2. Enter your ID number from your UTAS ID card and your Library PIN
    (Need a PIN - select Don't know your PIN?  to create one)
  3. Select the link Items currently checked out
  4. Select the items to renew then click Renew Marked, or to renew all items click Renew All
  5. Note the new due dates
  6. Protect your account - always Logout

How many times can I renew?

You can renew: 

  • Reserve items once if there are no bookings
  • 3 day loan and Low Demand (General) items three times, as long as they haven't been recalled/requested by someone else  
  • Print journals once (staff & postgraduates can borrow & renew print journals)

Why can’t I renew? 

  • You may have reached your renewal limit 
  • Your item may have been requested or booked by someone else
  • You may have a library fine of $5 or more

Need help to renew?

Use your ID number from your UTAS ID card and your Library PIN to request and book items.

You can manage your requests and bookings in your My Library account.

Basic do it yourself instructions are provided here. 

Staff and postgraduate students can use our Document Delivery service to request items the University of Tasmania Library does not have.

If you are not part of the University of Tasmania Library user community, you can ask your university, public or state library to obtain items from the University of Tasmania Library for you.

What is a recall?

Someone else may request an item that you have out on loan.  If this happens you will receive a recall notice by email. The due date of the recalled item you have on loan may have been reduced.

What do I need to do?
  • Check the recall notice as your due date for the item recalled may have been reduced
  • Return the item by the due date on the recall notice   
  • You will have 7 days to return a recalled item from the date the recall was placed unless the original due date is earlier
  • Consider recalls if you have items on loan and you plan to be away for any length of time
  • Remember $1 per day is charged for overdue recalled items

I still want to use the item that has been recalled?

Return the item to the library and then place a request for the item 

Why do we have recalls?

Recalls help to provide all clients with fair access to resources. Loan periods for low demand (General) items are generous and will be automatically adjusted according to user demand via the recall system. This means that if others require an item you have on loan, your loan and all subsequent loan periods will be reduced to 7 days until all requests are satisfied.

My Library allows you to see what you have on loan, renew items, cancel requests and bookings, 'opt in' to retain your borrowing history, save lists or change your Library PIN. To access My Library:

  1. Click on My Library
  2. Enter your ID number from your UTAS ID card and your Library PIN  (Need a PIN - select Don't know your PIN?  to create one)
  3. Protect your account - always Logout


All UTAS staff and students are members of the UTAS Library. If you are not part of the UTAS Community please view our membership options.

UTAS staff and students

Your UTAS card provides proof of your identity and your membership of the University community. It is also your Library card. In the Library you need it to:

student card

You are responsible for items borrowed on your card unless you reported the loss of your card to the Library before an item was borrowed.

If you change your address please ensure your address details are changed in eStudent

UTAS ID Card Frequently Asked Questions

Library PIN

Your Library Personal Identification Number is a four digit number.

If you don't already have a Library PIN click on Don't know your PIN? to create one.

Borrowers other than University of Tasmania Students and Staff select a PIN during membership registration.

Your Library PIN enables you to:

You can change your Library PIN via My Library or at the Client Services Desk in any UTAS Library.

Need Help?

  • Contact us via AskUs
  • Ask at any Library Client Services desk

Fines for overdue items 

Loan TypeGrace Period LimitItem returned on or after Grace Period LimitMaximum Fine
Reserve 2 hour30 mins$5 initial fine + $1 for each hour the item is overdue$30
Reserve 24 hour1 hour$5 initial fine + $1 for each hour the item is overdue$30
3 Day Loan & Print Journal1 day$5 initial fine + $1 for each day the item is overdue$30
Recalled/Requested Low Demand ItemsNo Grace Period$1 for each day the item is overdue$30
Low Demand ItemsAn account for the replacement cost of the item and a $30 processing fee is e-mailed when the item is 28 days overdue

Lost Items

An account/tax invoice for the replacement cost of an item and a $30 processing fee is e-mailed after the item is:

  • 7 days overdue (Reserve 2 & 24 hour loan)
  • 14 days overdue (3 day loan & print journal)
  • 28 days overdue (Low demand item)

UTAS staff  are not charged overdue fines, however  the replacement cost and $30 processing fee for lost items apply.  

For more information refer to Payments, notices & fines