Aero Clubs

Aero Clubs began with the formation of the Tasmanian Aero Club at Launceston in 1927. Western Junction aerodrome was ready for use in 1930, and flying training, using two Gypsy Moths, commenced in November. In 1931 flying started at Brighton in the south and Latrobe and Wynyard in the north-west.

By the time civilian flying ceased during the Second World War, Aero Club members had flown 10,000 hours. In 1946, using ex-RAAF Tiger Moths, the club was reactivated and continued flying at Launceston, Hobart, Devonport, Wynyard and Smithton. In 1947 the southern section became the Aero Club of Southern Tasmania, and by the late 1960s separate clubs were formed at Devonport, Wynyard and King Island. Two gliding clubs and an ultralight aircraft club also operate in Tasmania. (See also Air Transport.)

Further reading: Cyclopaedia of Tasmania 1931; B Winley, Aussie Moths, Lapstone, NSW, 1997.

Lindsay Millar