Archer Family

Woolmers in 1919 (ALMFA, SLT)

Four sons of Hertfordshire miller, William Archer (17541833), established themselves in Van Diemen's Land. Thomas Archer MLC (17901850), arrived in Sydney in 1812. Appointed to the Commissariat Department in Hobart in 1813, he acquired the properties Woolmers and Fairfield at Norfolk Plains. Joseph Archer, MLC (17951853), arrived in 1821 and acquired Panshanger, Burlington and Woodside. William Archer (17881879) followed and farmed Brickendon and Munden. The miller joined Thomas at Woolmers in 1827, and acquired Roxford and Altamont at Westbury. Joseph and William jointly owned Panshanger and Saundridge. Edward Archer (17931862) wound up his father's affairs in England before farming Northbury at Longford. Selling his father's lands, he purchased Leverington near Campbell Town.

Tens of thousands of acres have been farmed by Archer descendants, who remain central to agriculture in Tasmania. Perhaps the most notable was Thomas's son William, Fellow of the Linnean Society, MLC, MHA, of Cheshunt (182074), farmer, architect, engineer, eminent botanist and parliamentarian.

Further reading: N Chick, The Archers of Van Diemens Land, Hobart, 1991; N Chick, Van Diemens land heritage, Hobart, 1988.

Neil Chick