Undated postcard of Bicheno (Tasmaniana Library, SLT)

Bicheno was named after the Colonial Secretary of Van Diemen's Land, James Ebenezer Bicheno. About 1803, sealers and whalers used Waub's Boat Harbour, as Bicheno was known, for shelter. In 185455 coal was mined, pulled along a three-kilometre tramway and shipped from the Gulch, and the town grew. From early times Bicheno was also renowned for its fishing, and became the home to a fleet of boats catching crayfish, deep sea crabs and scalefish. Sixteen kilometres of white sandy beaches provide sport for swimming, water ski-ing and surfing, while the clear blue water is excellent for diving, fishing, boating. Walks to the top of the twin hills, blowhole and beyond provide outstanding views. Bicheno, with a population of 900, has become a popular holiday spot, with top-class accommodation available. (See also Tourism.)

Further reading: K von Stieglitz, Pioneers of the East Coast from 1642, Evandale, [1955]; Let's talk about Bicheno, 1973, TL.

Margaret Bailey