Jean Bellette

Jean Mary Bellette (190991), artist, was born in Hobart and studied at the Hobart Technical College under Lucien Dechaineux. She was talented, versatile and imaginative, and eager to explore various methods of expressing her artistic passions. In the 1930s she studied at the Julian Ashton School of Art in Sydney, and in 1939, while travelling to study in Europe, she met and married Swiss-born artist and critic Paul Haefliger. They returned to Sydney, where Bellette won the Sulman Prize in 12942 and 1944, but in 1957 moved to Mallorca. They often returned to Sydney, particularly their cottage at Hill End, which is now available for lease as an artist's retreat.

Bellette's preferred genre in drawing and painting was towards the neo-classical, nudes, figures, landscapes and still life. Her interest in mythological sources is evident in her mature works. Colour and light give life to her portraits, such as 'Polensa' and 'Mallorca Woman'. Still Life with Fish (1954), owned by the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, is vibrant in colour and the sheen on the objects is glowingly lifelike. Bellette's only water-colour and gouache is a landscape entitled 'Hill End'. Her works are held by many galleries in Australian cities and regional centres. In 2005 a retrospective of Bellette's works, curated by Christine France, toured Australia.

Shirley Hodgson