Commercial Travellers Association of tasmania

Early west coast traveller, James Fulton, was the first President of the Tasmanian Commercial Travellers Association (CTA), formed in Launceston in 1900. Members received identification badges, discounts and life insurance. The CTA lobbied government for improvements to postal and transport services, and promoted higher hotel standards through CTA certificates. Despite its strong social and sporting focus, the CTA raised thousands for charity, including annual children's picnics. At its peak the CTA boasted over 1200 members and operated purpose-built clubhouses in Launceston and Hobart.

With its impressive blackwood bar, the Launceston clubhouse at 78 Charles Street was state headquarters for 65 years, before financial reality forced the move to Wellington Street. The Hobart club seceded in 1975. Changes in commercial travelling, and in licensing and drink driving laws, meant that while the Tasmanian association remains, the Launceston clubhouse closed in 1988.

Further reading: CTA archives, QMAG.

Jai Paterson