Benjanim Duterrau

Benjamin Duterrau, 'G.A. Robinson with a group of Van Diemen's Land natives', 1835, (ALMFA, SLT)

Benjanim Duterrau (17671851), artist, was born in England and trained as an engraver. In 1832 he migrated to Van Diemen's Land and set up a studio in Hobart. By 1833 he was taking painting commissions to portray Aboriginal men and women who had been brought to Hobart by GA Robinson. He also produced etchings and high relief plaster sculptures of Aboriginal people. One of his most enduring images is a large painting, 'The Conciliation', which depicts a meeting between European colonists and the Aboriginal people of the Big River and Oyster Bay tribes. In addition he painted topographical sketches of Hobart that provide valuable information about the city during the 1830s. Many of his works are held at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

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John Williamson