Neil Davis

Neil Brian Davis (193485), combat cameraman, was born at the remote hamlet of Nala in the southern midlands. He started his career as office boy in the Tasmanian Government Film Unit, and went on to become the most respected war journalist of his time. His biggest scoop was in capturing the quintessential moment at the fall of Saigon when tank 843 broke through the gates of the presidential palace.

Davis' philosophy of life and combat is evident in the motto written in each work diary he kept in south-east Asia from 1964 to 1985: 'One crowded hour of glorious life/ Is worth an age without a name'. Davis died in Bangkok when he was caught in crossfire during a failed coup attempt. He is immortalised in David Bradbury's documentary Frontline.

Further reading: T Bowden, One crowded hour, Sydney, 1987.

Wendy Rimon