Ronald Worthy Giblin

Ronald Worthy Giblin (18631936), surveyor and historian, was born in Hobart. He became a licensed surveyor in New South Wales in 1889, worked in Thailand, and then settled in Gloucestershire. Due to his knowledge of Tasmania, in 1916 he became indent officer in the London office of the Tasmanian Agent-General.

In 1924 Giblin resigned to concentrate on a proposed three-volume history of Tasmania from 1642 to 1853. The Early History of Tasmania volume one (16421804) was published, to favourable reviews, in 1928, and provides a detailed account of early exploration and impressions of Tasmanian Aborigines, geography, flora, and fauna. Giblin died in London, leaving a partially completed manuscript which, edited by JDA Collier (librarian of the Tasmanian Public Library), was published in 1939 as volume two.

Further reading: ADB 8.

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