Jackson's Lock and Brass Works

Launceston at the time Francis Jackson founded his business (AOT, PH30/1/3018)

Jackson's Lock and Brass Works was founded in Launceston in 1883 by Francis Jackson. By the 1920s he sold his locks all over Australia, and the firm had contracts with the federal and most state governments. It also made, among other items, bronze and brass castings, hose fittings, brass nameplates, art bronze ware and ecclesiastical brass. In the 1920s, when petrol thieving became a problem, Jackson invented a lockable petrol cap which was most successful. The firm gradually moved out of brass work and concentrated on locks and security.

Jackson died in the 1940s and left the business to his foreman, James Scott, whose family is still in control of the business, now Jacksons Security. In 1969 they relocated their lock factory to Ravenswood, and moved into electronic alarms, prison locks and railway point locks, most made for mainland clients. In 2004 they had four offices around Tasmania, and concentrated on locksmithing and electronic security.

Further reading: The Tasmanian Cyclopedia, Hobart, 1931; B Scott, 'Jackson's Lock and Brass Works', LHS Occasional Papers 2, 1995.

Alison Alexander