Mount Roland

Undated postcard of Mount Roland (Tasmaniana Library, SLT)

Mt Roland, 1233-metres, dominates the backdrop to Sheffield. That town strongly identifies with this spectacular conglomerate peak even if most people climb it from the Gowrie Park side. It was originally called Rollands Repulse after Captain John Rolland, who traversed the high country between it and Mt Vandyke in 1823.

A Van Diemen's Land Company party that included Henry Hellyer and Joseph Fossey achieved the first ascent of Mt Roland in 1826. They named the neighbouring peaks of the Roland massif Claude and Vandyke after seventeenth-century landscape painters. The high country of Mt Roland was the honeymoon location for the amateur botanists and founders of Waldheim in Cradle Valley, Gustav and Kate Weindorfer.

John Cannon