Rosny Children's Choir

The Rosny Children's Choir started when Jennifer Filby, a music teacher in Rosny, had her pupils sing carols at their end-of-year recital. She was asked to provide a chorus for a musical, and the Rosny Children's Choir was born in 1967.

Filby was an inspiring teacher and the choir was extremely successful, the first from the southern hemisphere to perform at the renowned choral eisteddfod at Llangollen in Wales, and in 1975 the first Australian choir to perform in China, as part of the Australian government's first cultural exchange. There were other trips, and many radio and television performances. In its heyday the choir contained 160 children, in the Training Choir, Performing Choir and Touring Choir. After Filby's death, the choir continued as the Australian Rosny Children's Choir.

Alison Alexander