Royal Australian Institute of Architects in Tasmania

The foundation of a society of architects came late to Tasmania due to small numbers and a decentralised population. In 1903, with only thirteen professionals, a small group in Launceston established the Association of Architects of Northern Tasmania which quickly became the statewide Tasmanian Association of Architects and, in 1913, the Tasmanian Institute of Architects. By the time professional registration was achieved in 1929, there were still only 42 practitioners; in 2004 there were 235.

After taking an active role in its formation, Tasmania became a chapter of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA) in 1936, but the Tasmanian Institute remained as a legal entity until 1946. The active role of architectural bodies in the community began early in such fields as building regulations (from 1912), town planning (from 1915) and historic conservation (from 1934). These activities continue, the primary objective of the RAIA being 'the advancement of architecture' before the professional interests of members.

Further reading: J Freeland, The making of a profession, [Sydney, 1971]; minute books of TAA, TIA and RAIA, Tasmanian Chapter office, Hobart.

Barry McNeill and Eric Ratcliff