Roger and Katherine Scholes

An advertisement for Katherine Scholes' book The Stone Angel

Roger and Katherine Scholes (b 1950, 1959) film producers, writers. Roger has been an independent film and television maker since 1983, after gaining Best Director in the Swinburne Film and TV School's post-graduate course. He has worked on a number of projects with his writer/film producer partner Katherine, including The Franklin River blockade film for the Wilderness Society, and prize-winning documentaries such as Home of the brave and The human journey. The tale of Ruby Rose, the first feature film written and directed by Scholes, was filmed at the Walls of Jerusalem. Tasmanian locations were also used for Stories from the Stone Age and Cable, shot in 2004.

In addition to co-writing and producing, Katherine Scholes has a successful career as a fiction writer. Her main readership is in France and Germany, where her children's books with strong environmental themes are popular.

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Wendy Rimon