Tasmanian Film Corporation

Photograph taken by the Tasmanian Film Corporation of the construction of Elizabeth Street Mall, Hobart, in 1978 (AOT, PH30/1/4066/2)

The Tasmanian Film Corporation was established in 1977. It succeeded the Department of Film Production, which had produced documentary films for the state government for almost three decades. The Corporation was modelled on the successful South Australian Film Corporation, as a semi-government authority with the brief to be 'profit oriented'. Between 1977 and 1982 the Corporation established a niche in the film industry, recognised especially for documentary production and distribution, and the production of quality film and television for children and young people. In 1983 it was privatised by the Gray government.

Over the next decade its workforce dwindled and its production infrastructure was sold off, leaving Tasmania as the only Australian state without a government-supported film entity. Surviving works are held by the Archives Office of Tasmania.

Further reading: Tasmanian Film Corporation Annual reports 197778 to 198182.

John Honey