Miss Pink’s Trees

Sir Paul Hasluck, former Governor-General of Australia and a former Minister for Territories, had many dealings with Miss Pink. He provided the Northern Territory Newsletter with the following story: –

‘At the Arid Zone reserve Miss Pink planted trees and, with the aid of her Aboriginal helper, watered them and tended them. Each tree bore the name of some prominent citizen and if that citizen fell out of favour with her she ceased to water it. So that if the leaves of ‘Mr Archer’ were drooping and the leaves of ‘Mr Marsh’ were bright and green or ‘Mr Barclay’ was growing vigorously one knew at once what had happened in the handling of her latest request. I visited her on several occasions and could never restrain a curious glance at my tree and felt suitably gratified if I saw that ‘Mr Hasluck’ was being watered regularly.’
(from: ‘Miss Pinks love story’, Northern Territory Newsletter, July 1975, pp4-9)

Sir Paul Hasluck's Sturt Bean Tree
Olive Pink's label for photograph of Hasluck's tree
Sir Paul Hasluck's Sturt Bean tree. (Photo: courtesy of Olive Pink Botanic Garden) (left) 'Image taken by Miss Pink of the Sturt Bean tree planted on the Reserve to celebrate Sir Paul Hasluck, ... who assisted Miss Pink in gazetting the Reserve'. (Right) Olive Pink notes from reverse side. Click on images to enlarge.
Olive Pink's journal
Planting plan
Olive Pink's journal, 1966 which includes her tree plan (right) - enlarge Planting plan of the rows of trees planted and named in honour of those who helped her set up the Reserve. enlarge

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