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A list of useful links to other websites.

Backhouse, James

The Backhouse family - bankers and horticulturalists

Biography of James Backhouse


Barclay, Robert

Robert Barclay

Barclays Apology


Bridal gown 1880s

1880s Bridal gown



History of Cadbury
Story of Cadbury (pdf)
Bournville – The Factory and Village in the Garden  (pdf)


Erskine, Ruth

Ruth Erskine


Fox, George

George Fox


Friends School

Friends School history


Fry, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Fry

Elizabeth Fry

Elizabeth Fry Urn


Governor George Arthur

Biography of Governor George Arthur


Quaker bonnet

Quaker bonnet





Quakers in business

Quakers in business


Sarah Island

Sarah Island convict artists


Walker, George Washington

Biography of George Washington Walker

Walker, James Backhouse

Biography of James Backhouse Walker