Biography of Winifred Curtis:

Short biography of Winifred Curtis, with references and links.

Biography of Winifred Curtis.

Chronology of Winifred Curtis with link to an article about her life.

Interview with Winifred Curtis:

Transcript of A.B.C. 7.30 Report interview with 94 year old Winifred Curtis and Dennis Morris both retired but still offering their services to the Tasmanian herbarium.

About this exhibition:

Website of the Botanical Society of America with a link, under the heading “Celebrating a life in botany”, to the Mercury newspaper article about Winifred Curtis turning 100 and the exhibition in her honour.

Information relating to the exhibition mounted by the Morris Miller Library, University of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Herbarium to honour Winifred Curtis’ 100 th birthday. Published in the Australian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter (p.33-34).


Biographical information published in the Australian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter to honour Winifred Curtis’ 99 th birthday. (p.22)

Description of the Winifred Curtis Scamander Reserve.

Biography of Winifred Curtis written on the occasion of her receipt of the Mueller Award, ANZAAS, 1995

British Ecological Society listing of Winifred as Honorary Associate Life Member.

ANZAAS home page. Winifred was awarded Honorary Life Membership of this organisation.

Description of awards and medals including the Clive lord Memorial Medal and the Australian Natural History Medallion.

Description of the Australian Natural History Medallion.

Order of Australia description.

Description of Society for Growing Australian Plants of which Winifred Curtis is an honorary life member.

Winifred’s entry in the Tasmanian Honour Roll of Women (established 2005).

Miscellaneous links:

Collaborations between Deny King and Winifred Curtis.

Biography of Margaret Stones, artist of The Endemic Flora of Tasmania under the heading ‘World-renowned botanical artist Margaret Stones returns to LSU”.

Brief biography of Margaret Stones to accompany an exhibition at the Natural History Museum, in the UK.

Detailed history of Malahide Castle and the Talbot family.

Biography of Dennis Morris, who collaborated with Winifred Curtis on the later volumes of The Student’s Flora of Tasmania.




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