Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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The MBA opened up opportunities for me to broaden my skill base. This has fed forward in my career to allow me to progress from running a manufacturing business into what I do currently, manage a sales and marketing program for an agriculture company.


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Our core MBA program will leverage your diverse skill set to position you at the forefront of the business world. Recognised across industries, roles and geographical boundaries, you will develop comprehensive management knowledge that will increase your value.

  • Duration: 1.5 years full time
  • Part-time: Available
  • Academic entry requirement: Related Australian bachelor degree or equivalent
  • Work experience entry requirement: Three years' relevant work experience

Develop a global network.

Make your mark on the world with the support of our MBA alumni network. Upon graduation, you’ll join a cohort of alumni that spreads across 50 countries, six continents and a multitude of industries, from government to private sector, small farms to regional tourism, start-up technology firms to international recruitment. A truly global community.


One of the reasons to start an MBA is gaining access to new business networks. We're committed to ensuring that you finish your MBA with connections that will help your career and your business.

Each year you'll be invited to networking events that feature speakers who are experts on topics you want to learn more about and you'll mingle with guests who can open doors for you.

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