Conservatorium of Music

Nick Haywood Quartet - POSTPONED TO AUGUST 31


Start Date

24th Aug 2012 8:00pm

End Date

24th Aug 2012 9:30pm

Complexity Through Interaction – an investigation into the spontaneous development of collective musical ideas from simple thematic materials


<span style="color:#FF0000">POSTPONED TO FRIDAY 31 AUGUST 2012</span style="color:#FF0000">

Over the past thirty years Nick Haywood has become one of the most in demand bassists and educators on the Australian music scene. The purpose of Nick’s PhD research is to develop a greater understanding of the conditions required to enable the improvising musician to maximise his/her potential to create successful, collaborative (in an ensemble sense) musical statements.Simple tunes are used as catalysts for spontaneous collaborative improvisations, with the complexity in the music developing from interaction and musical connectedness between the performers.