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Anthony Garcia

Mr Anthony Garcia

PhD Candidate

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From the experimental music scene in New York to early music with the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, guitarist and composer Anthony Garcia is a unique presence in the Australian guitar scene. With a passion for improvisation, Garcia fuses together a wide range of styles from the ancient to the contemporary, from Latin folk to exploratory jazz, to world music and experimental soundscapes. Along with performances throughout Australia, Mexico, Japan and the United States, both as a soloist and in collaboration with virtuoso artists from across many musical traditions, Garcia has released a number recordings including: Desert Stars Dancing (Eclectic Soundscapes for Didgeridoo and Guitar) with William Barton, Moliendo Café (2008) a collaboration with Colombian Latin Harp virtuoso Sandra Real, and two CDs of original music for solo guitar, Malili Dreaming (2007) and Skyflyer (2004). Research: La Luna de Merida This research will propose a new taxonomy for solo classical guitar improvisation through a joint ethnographic approach to cultural practice and theoretically informed historical analysis of musical extemporization on the instrument. Elucidated by a folio of works focusing on practice-led participation in performing and composing for the classical guitar in a number of different settings, both solo and ensemble, the study aims to elucidate a new approach to improvisation on the guitar unrestricted by extempore models of improvisation evident in common practice to specific musical genres; contribute to an emerging field of enquiry in new classical guitar performance practice; and provide stimulus and material for a folio of companion compositions to the exegesis.

Supervisors: Dr Glenn Hodges, Dr. Maria Grenfeld, Dr. Anne-Marie Forbes, Dr. Andrew Legg