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Chris Alomes

Chris Alomes

Mr Chris Alomes

PhD Candidate

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Chris Alomes completed his Bachelor of Music at the University of Tasmania, majoring in classical piano before gaining First Class Honours in Musicology, where his thesis entitled "The Influence of Musical Recordings on Learning" pursued an interest in cognitive musicology. He is a current PhD candidate

Research: The Reception and Influence of Gustav Holst’s Music in Australia. Gustav Holst is a composer of great creativity with a unique and interesting musical language. His relationship with Australia is a picture not yet painted in any detail which, it is hoped, will be rectified with this thesis. Information in the form of concert reviews, newspaper articles, reports in journals of the early 20th Century and the correspondence not only of Holst but also of the Australians who championed him and his music in Australia will be used.  A complete and clear picture will hopefully emerge and give a much clearer understanding of a great British composer’s relationship with Australia.

Supervisors: Dr Anne-Marie Forbes and Dr Heather Monkhouse