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Anne-Marie Forbes

Dr Anne-Marie Forbes

Graduate Research Co-ordinator
Senior Lecturer, Musicology

Anne-Marie Forbes

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Dr Anne-Marie Forbes - Researchers Report (WARP)

Additional Information

Dr Forbes has a PhD in Musicology from the University of Queensland, a MMus in performance from Kansas State University and a MA in Musicology from the University of Iowa. She gained her Bachelor of Music degree from the Elder Conservatorium, the University of Adelaide.

Research Interests

Dr Forbes has published book chapters and research articles in Australian and international journals on aspects of late nineteenth and early twentieth-century British and Australian music, and was an invited contributor of articles to The Oxford Companion to Australian Music, The New Grove Dictionary of Opera and The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. Her PhD thesis dealt with manifestations of Celticism in British opera. She has also published three books of previously unpublished choral works and solo songs of the Anglo-Australian composer, Fritz Hart. These have been published by the Marshall Hall Trust and the University of Melbourne Centre for Studies in Australian Music. As a singer, she has a particular interest in solo song and sacred choral repertoire. She has been researching the sacred choral music of the Venetian composer, Antonio Lotti and is currently undertaking a research project with Dr Lucy Tatman investigating musical representation of the religious ecstatic in Lotti's works.  This project has led to preparation of performing editions of works of Lotti and to further research in the area of the role of music in religious liturgy.  Other current projects include a book on British composer, Josef Holbrooke, being jointly edited with Dr Paul Watt.

Research Areas

  • Musicology
  • Performance


Dr Forbes teaches third year music history and a third year seminar reflecting on issues of performance practice and interpretation for contemporary and classical students. She teaches a variety of specialist topics in music history and performance practice for honours and postgraduate students.  She co-ordinates all undergraduate music history units and has taught a wide range of units including popular music, jazz history and music theory. She is the coordinator of the Honours program and the Postgraduate coursework program and is the Graduate Research Co-ordinator. She regularly supervises Honours students and supervises a number of Masters and PhD candidates in musicology and performance in the Higher Degrees by Research program at the Conservatorium.


Current and Supervised Projects

  • Scordatura Mysteries- Intonation Theories and How These Relate to the Scordatura Writing in Biber's Mystery Sonatas
  • Low-register Horn playing
  • The reception and influence of Holst's music in Australia
  • The simplification of complex notation presented in aleatoric forms
  • A new taxonomy for solo classical guitar improvisation
  • Piano Transcriptions as Translation in Australian Music- Cross-genre Adaptations
  • The History and Development of Liturgical Music in the Anglican Church of Southern Tasmania
  • The Digital Piano Accordion- A Modern Instrument for Traditional and Contemporary Performance Contexts
  • If Music and Sweet Poetry Agree- The Marriage of Two Art-Forms, with Particular Emphasis on Inflection, Speech Rhythm, Dramatic Intensity and Musical Coherence
  • The Intersection of Poly-media in The Escapee Gloss
  • The Role of Music in the Liturgical Practices of Enclosed Roman Catholic Communities in Australia from 1960 to the Present Day

Past Projects Supervised

  • Ellis, B. "These Sad, Distracted Tymes"- The Impact of the civil War and Interregnum on English Music, c.1640 to c.1660 (PhD 2004)
  • Fraser, A. Interpreting the Flute Works of Jean Francaix (1912-1997) (PhD 2011)
  • Ho, K. Technical Demands of Selected Contemporary Works for Violin (PhD 2006)
  • Le Guen, D. The Development of the French Violin Sonata (1860-1910) (PhD 2007
  • Legg, A. The Transculturisation of African American Gospel Music- The Context and Culture of Gospel Traditions in Australian Gospel Music (PhD 2008)
  • Malone, D. Bringing New Works to Life - collaboration and interpretation in the performance, recording and editing of new works for guitar (MMus 2003)
  • Meyers, R. Toward an Understanding of the Madrigal in Sixteenth Century Spain - A Case Study of the Manuscript MadM 6829 (MMus 2009)
  • Morrisby, E. The Role of Jan Sedivka in the Development of Australian Contemporary String Music (PhD 2009)
  • Phillips, M. Contribution of Jan Sedivka (PhD 2002)
  • Philpott, C. An Australian Composer Abroad- Malcolm Williamson and the Projection of an Australian Identity (PhD 2010)
  • Rettke, P. The Development and Investigation of a Model for Introducing Jazz Education to Secondary School Ensembles (MMus 2008)
  • Witt, P. National Dance and Folk Elements in Argentine Cello Compositions (PhD 2008)