Conservatorium of Music

AAA - Songwriter Showcase – Live at the Centre

The Conservatorium of Music Presents Emerging Songwriters on ABC Local Radio.

The Conservatorium of Music is proud to present its emerging Songwriters in a series of performances which have been broadcast by 936 ABC Hobart.  Get up close and personal by clicking on the links below to hear them in action.


Ryan Kay

Tunes - Click Here

Closer (by Ryan Kay)
Amelia (Hold your hopes high) (by Ryan Kay)
City Life (by Ryan Kay)

Ryan Kay (2nd year) - Singer Songwriter


Bj Lamb Quartet

Tunes - Click Here

The Long Road (by Bj Lamb)
China Blue (by Bj Lamb)

Bj Lamb (Brendan) - Guitar (3rd year contemporary guitar)
Matthew “Finn” Finlayson - Bass (2nd year contemporary bass)
Joseph “Joe” Hoyle - Drums (3rd year contemporary drums)
Tomas “Tom” Webster - Piano (2nd year contemporary piano)

AJ Ensemble

Tunes - Click Here

In the Night (by Amelia Johnson)
Let Me Pretend (by Jeni Wallwork)
Between You and Me (by Jeni Wallwork)

AJ Ensemble - Band consists of Conservatorium students:
Amelia Johnson (3rd year) - Voice
Jeni Wallwork (3rd year) - Singer Songwriter
Katy Raucher (3rd year) - Voice
Emily Hollick (2nd year) - Voice
Oliver Plapp (3rd  year) - Bass
Tomas Webster (2nd year) - Piano
Mark Schmalfuss (3rd year) - Guitar
Ritnarong Coomber (2nd year) - Drums


As The Crow Flies - Emily Wolfe

Tunes - Click Here
One Way Ticket (by Emily Wolfe) & Over the Cragged Mountains (by Violet)
Far from Home (by Emily Wolfe)
Short Shrift (by Rebecca) & Forks in the Fire (by Emily Wolfe)

Emily Wolfe (3rd year) - Contemporary Violin, Songwriter


The Katie Raucher Ensemble
Jazz/pop acoustic fusion with a strong focus on original material

Tunes - Click Here

Free (by Katie Raucher)
Lullaby (by Katie Raucher)
Damaged (by Katie Raucher)

Katie Raucher (3rd year international student) – Vocals
Blair Readon (2nd year) - Bass
Mark Schmalfuss (3rd year – Guitar
Tom Webster (2nd year) – Piano


Mia Palencia
Songwriter - Guitar

Tunes - Click Here

Polar Pairs (by Mia Palencia)
Sayany (Malay Song) (by Mia Palencia)
Hold (by Mia Palencia)


Harry Edwards Ensemble – Gadje*
Modern Jazz/Fusion

Tunes - Click Here

Waltz Green (by Harry Edwards)
Kaikoura (by Harry Edwards)
Deep Red (by Harry Edwards)

Harry Edwards - Guitar
Oscar Neyland – Double Bass
Josh Dunn - Guitar

*Gadje is a Romani word meaning non-gypsy

Read about Joshua Dunn's graduation here.




Published on: 13 Aug 2012