Conservatorium of Music

Silenced Huon Piano Begins to Shine

The Conservatorium of Music is rediscovering its magnificent Stuart Piano. This story reveals all!

The second you lay your eyes on the beautiful huon pine concert grand piano in the main recital hall of the Conservatorium's Sandy Bay campus, it's hard to take them off it.  The rich gold of the birdseye huon cabinet coupled with the striking red myrtle trim draws you in, simultaneously compelling you to touch it, yet maintain an almost reverential distance. At almost three metres long, it boasts 97 keys, an extra octave more than common 88 key pianos, and an extra foot pedal to sustain notes. Nicknamed 'Albert the Second', the piano was delivered to the Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music in 1999, at a cost of around $180,000. Sadly, this exquisite musical creation spent nearly five years of its life languishing in storage, but a renewed interest is giving it the chance to shine.  Click here to listen to a revealing interview, as Assoc. Prof. Andrew Legg speaks with Damien Larkins, Cross Media Reporter, ABC Local Hobart.

Published on: 02 Aug 2012