MyHR Reporting

Requests for HR Data

If you require a report for staff in your area (e.g. Leave Balances, Staff Listing, Casual Listing), please send your request for a report from MyHR via email to

Please detail your requirements, including any specific criteria or field details that you will need in the report.

Output Options

Reports are generally provided in Microsoft Excel (.XLSX) format, however other formats are available (e.g. PDF, CSV).

Recurring reports can be scheduled and automated to run on a regular basis, delivered to your mailbox. If this is an option you’d like to take up, please contact us at

Future Roadmap – Self Service

As part of the MyHR Plus Project, we are looking to develop a Self Service functionality for reporting and data analytics for relevant Managers and executive support staff. Self Service functionality will give end users the ability to run reports and view HR information for staff relevant to their areas. Our aim is to deliver a solution to you as a priority in the project. The project end date is scheduled for 31 December 2017.