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How to Link MyMedia to your MyLO Unit


  • This process requires that you have already completed a request for, and had confirmation of, a MyMedia unit - you need a MyMedia space for your unit if you are using Personal Capture or have a scheduled recording in a room.
  • The link tool in MyLO uses Learning Tools Interoperability, so is often called an LTI tool, or just LTI for short.

WARNING: Once you have completed the configuration of the link in MyLO DO NOT access the link while impersonating a student role. The link passes through your credentials from MyLO and so will revoke your instructor role in the linked ALP unit.

Add the MyMedia Recordings Link

  • Log in to MyLO.
  • Navigate to the unit where you wish to add the link.
  • Click Content then select the module where you want to create the link to the recordings.
    • We recommend making a Lecture Recordings module for this link.
  • Pull down the Existing Activities menu and select External Learning Tools.
  • Select MyMedia Recordings (ALP).
  • Note - If there is a pre-existing link to old content ( copied over via your previous content) then you should delete this link first, then re-create your new link.

Edit the MyMedia Recordings Link

  • Pull down the Options Tab at the end of the MyMedia Recordings Link and select Edit Properties In Place.
  • Edit Properties in PlaceTick the Open as External Resource box.
  • Quit out of the Link's properties by clicking on the unit title (usually "Lecture Recordings") under the table of contents.

Configure the MyMedia Link

MyMedia link to all recordingsto link to all recordings
  • Click on the link you created: the ALP page will appear
  • Step 1:
    • Select the Course, Term and Section you wish to link to. You will need to Type in your Unit code in the Course section for it to appear.
  • Step 2:
    • Select Link to the Section Home
    • Click LINK CONTENT (the blue button on the right)
      • If your unit does not appear in the list, ensure you have a MyMedia request in place. If you still cannot see the link please contact the service desk.
  • The link has now been configured.

How to link to a single recording

  • Note: You will need to link to each separate recording.
  • Click on the link you created: the ALP page will appear
  • Under Connect your Echo360 Content choose the Course, Term and Section you wish to link to as you did above.
  • Click on Link to to a Classroom (shown in image below)
  • Scroll down the page until you can see the individual recording you wish to link to and select it.Press on the content you want
  • Click LINK CONTENT (the blue button on the right)Press on Link Content
  • The link has now been configured.

NOTE: If you ever need to unlink the section from your MyLO unit, access the link and click Reset LMS Link.

DO NOT Click Unlink LMS Course.