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Cannot Send Email from within MyLO - Get Error


When trying to send an email from within the Classlist or from within a group you receive an error message stating that you are not authorised to do so.
You are not authorised message


The most common cause of this problem is due to you having a quiz in progress. To fix the problem look at the alerts within MyLO.Alert wil be red
Press on the red dot and you will see a message stating that you will not be able to receive any further alerts until the quiz has been submitted.
Open the Alert and read the message.

Press on the quiz name - this will take you to the unit with the quiz still in progress. Submit the quiz and you will once again be able to use MyLO email and get other notifications.

Note: If you cannot submit your quiz please email your lecturer - they will be able to do this for you or delete the attempt altogether.