MyLO - My Learning Online

I cannot see my unit in MyLO

There can be a number of reasons why you cannot access your unit online in MyLO. Below are the most common reasons.

  • Check your enrolment status in Student Management. Make sure that you are enrolled in the unit and it is not just  a "planned" enrolment.
  • Make sure that your enrolment is for the correct semester and year
  • When did you enrol? If you only just enrolled it can take up to 2 days before you have access to the unit in MyLO
  • Has the semester started? If it has not started the unit may not yet me ready for students to access. If the semester has started please contact your unit coordinator to see when the unit will be made available.
  • Make sure you have not closed the semester in the My Units widget or have a filter showing for a specific semester which is then hiding your unit from view.
  • Will the unit be online? Not all units have an online presence.

You can check to see if the unit has been created and is in MyLO by using this form:

Also check the guide  Access to MyLO and your units

If you have further concerns about access to your unit, after checking your enrolment status and that the unit is online, then please contact your lecturer in the first instance and all other enquiries to go to the Service Desk: