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Issues when trying to load Assignments

When uploading an assignment to an assignment folder you may sometimes encounter an issue. Please look through the main issues here with the ways in which to resolve them.

Cannot see the Assignment Folder in your unit.

There could be various reasons why you cannot see your assignment folder in your unit. Often the assignment folder will only appear if you have accessed specific content, done a quiz or activated a plagiarism Checklist. To ensure that you have done these items read the announcements in your unit, read your unit outline and access any content module called Start here or Important Information, as it may contain links to either a Quiz you need to do or a checklist you need to agree too. These tools can also be found in your navigation bar.

If after going through your unit content you still cannot see any assignment folder, in the first instance, please contact your lecturer about this issue.

Your Assignment cannot be Submitted

There could be a few reasons why you are unable to submit your assignment. Below are a few common reasons:

  • The end date for your assignment may have already been reached and the assignment folder is now closed. If you no longer have the option to upload your assignment (it is greyed out) please contact your lecturer and they can give you extended access to the assignment folder so that your assignment can be loaded.
  • If  you cannot see the button to upload your assignment try clearing your cache: Once you have done this try loading your assignment again
  • You are trying to upload an assignment via an iPad- currently this is not compatible. Please upload via a PC or laptop.

Clicking "Attach File" does nothing

This can happen because your browser ( such as Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari) has pop-ups blocked.  Please disable pop-up blockers,then hit F5 (refresh) then try clicking on  the button again. Other causes of this issue can be Norton browser plugin; AdBlockPlus; or your internal internet browser settings. Please disable these for use with MyLO and try again.

You get a message saying "Oops, your file could not be uploaded"

Sometimes when uploading your assignment from a file from your computer and you get an error message:

"Oops, your file could not be uploaded"

This often occurs if the file name contains extra punctuation, in particular extra full stops. To fix the issue rename the file with no full stops other than the one marking the file type and resubmit, Such as Assignment One_Student _Name.docx

File won't upload, or you get a blank upload page

When adding a file to your assignment folder, instead of it loading directly you will instead get a blank dialog box. To resolve this please clear the browser cache then try again. Using an alternate browser may also help. If clearing the cache doesn't resolve the issue, check the browsers extensions for security products such as Norton etc. Disabling these should fix the problem.  Information on how to clear your cache can be found here:

File won't upload past about 75%

Sometimes when attempting to upload a file to the unit assignment folder, the file will stall and not fully load. This appears to be occurring when the student has made a copy of the presentation so it is duplicated with the same name. To fix the issue either rename or delete the older duplicated presentation and upload again to assignment folder it should not fail this time.

For further assistance with any issues loading an assignment please contact the Service Desk: