MyLO - My Learning Online

Accessing the ePortfolio

This guide demonstrates how you can access the ePortfolio from within MyLO. An ePortfolio is a personal portfolio for storing, organising, reflecting on and sharing items that represent your learning.

  1. You can access your ePortfolio from the MyLO Home page or a Unit Home page. Select the ePortfolio tool from the top navbar. This action will take you to your ePortfolio Home page. Note: If this is your first time accessing the ePortfolio tool, a Welcome message will appear. Ensure you read this information carefully before selecting the Close button.
    Press on eportfolio
  2. The ePortfolio Home page shows you a list of your ePortfolio items. From here you can Press on Add files from your Computer, or Add a link. You can also type a reflection straight into the window. You can also add a web document, record audio, upload grades or create a presentation or collecion of items (artefacts). Note: Any item created in the ePortfolio is referred too as an artefact.
    Add files, links or artefacts
  3. Using the Upload button you can upload a file from your computer. Add A file name and add tags to ensure it is easily searched for and  found.
    Upload files from your PC, unit results and more
    Add a file name and tags to make it easier to find
  4. For more information on how to user your ePortfolio, please refer to the Help Files in MyLO
    For more assistance use the help in MyLO