MyLO - My Learning Online

Accessing Content

This guide demonstrates how you can navigate to your unit content within MyLO.

  1. Login to MyLO with your UTAS email and password.
  2. From here you can access your units in two ways. The first way is via the Waffle "Unit Selector". From here you can search for and select the relevant unit.Choose your units from the My Units widget, or via Select a Unit
  3. You can also select a unit via the My Units widget. Press on the unit to access your Unit homepage.

    Note: For information on pinning units to show up here see this guide
    Access your units from My Units widget
  4. Select the Content tool from the navbar.  This action will take you to the Table of Contents page.
    Access content via the link in the navigation bar or via the Content Browser widget on the home page
  5. The Table of Contents provides a hierarchical view of the modules within your unit. Next to each module is a number indicating how many topics it contains.  You can navigate to different sections of content by selecting the module titles in the left hand navigation or from within the content area itself.
    Screen shot of the Table of Contents page.
  6. From the Table of Contents, click on the title of the topic to view the content. This will take you to your link destination.
    Screen shot of content links in the Table of Contents.
  7. The content may open within the Content Browser in MyLO or in a new window.
    Screen shot of the content browser.
  8. You can Bookmark a topic using the Add Bookmark button. The bookmark icon will appear blue once the page has been bookmarked.
    Screen shot of the bookmark tool in the content viewer.
  9. If you wish to view the content in a new window, click the View content in New Window button.
    Screen shot of View Content in new window button.
  10. There are a few ways you can navigate through the content. You can use:
    • The Previous and Next buttons to navigate through the content.
      Screen shot of the Previous and Next buttons in the content viewer.
    • Click on the topic buttons in the breadcrumb to navigate back to modules.
      Screen shot of the breadcrumb navigation in the content viewer.
    • Use the module list which is hidden by a small bar to the left of the content area. Here, you can navigate to a particular topic for the module.
      Screen shot of the Module List in the content viewer.
  11. At the top of the page you will see a percentage bar stating how many topics you have completed. Depending on the lecturers preferences, the topics will either be automatically marked as complete after you have viewed them, or you can mark each topic as complete at your own pace
  • Automatic Completion - once you have viewed all items in your module you will get a tick showing in the module to mark it completed.
    Screen shot of the Automatic completion of content items.
  • Manual Completion - once you tick off an item you will see that the number of items left in the module to go through are reduced.
    Screen shot of the manual completion of content items.