MyLO - My Learning Online

Navigating MyLO

This document describes the navigation elements within MyLO. The navigation bar on the MyLO Landing page contains system wide Help and Resources as well as  user-specific tools.
Navigation bars (navbars) within your units will display  links to access unit tools specific to your unit.
Content boxes (widgets) on the My Home and Unit Home pages are also described.

1. When you login to MyLO the top of the page has a green minibar. On the left hand side you have the My Home link. Pressing on this, or the Home icon at any time will take you to the MyLO home page.Minibar and navigation when logging into MyLO

  • To navigate to your units From this page you have two options: You can press on the Waffle "Unit Selector" which is in the top right of your navbar. From here you can search for your units and pressing on the link will take you to the unit.
    Choose your units from the My Units widget, or via Select a Unit
  • You can also select a unit via the My Units widget. For information on pinning units to show up here see this guide

My Units

2.There are three alert icons underneath the green mini bar on the right hand side next to your name when you login to MyLO. These indicate if there are messages, updates or new discussion posts waiting for you to read.

Alert icons

Note: The orange dot indicates that an item is waiting for your attention. Pressing on it will open up information.

3.Pressing on your name will access your Profile, Notifications and Account Settings. You can view your progress across your units by visiting the Progress link.

Screenshot of the personal menu in the minibar.

The Logout link is also available from this menu. 

4. The navbar on the MyLO homepage includes links to a range of MyLO help resources and student assistance information.

Links to help resources and other systems

5.The navbar within your unit includes links to a range of commonly used tools. The most common tools are grouped together. To access specific tools press on the icon arrow

Navigation bar in your unit

6.Information is also provided on the My Home and Unit Home pages through widgets. Select the widget titles and action arrows to access widget information including calendar events and announcement items.

Screenshot of the widgets on the Unit Home page.