MyLO - My Learning Online

Completing a Quiz

This guide demonstrates how you can access your unit quizzes, commence and submit a quiz.

  1. From the MyLO Home page select your unit from the My Units widget. This action will take you into your unit and onto your Unit Home page. Screen shot of the My Units widget on the MyLO Home page.
  2. Select the Quizzes tool from the navbar.  This action will take you to the Quiz List page. 
    Screen shot of the Quizzes tool in the Unit Home navbar.
  3. From the quiz list you can see your current quizzes and any previous attempts made. To commence a quiz, select a quiz title from the Current Quizzes list. This action will open a new window displaying the Quiz Details Summary page.
    Screen shot of a quiz in the Quiz List.
  4. Select Start Quiz!  When prompted with the Confirmation window, read the instructions carefully before selecting the OK button.   This action will take you to the Quiz page.Screenshot of the Start Quiz confirmation window.
  5. Ensure you select the Save button after answering each question before selecting the Next Page button. Alternatively, you may choose to use the Save All Responses button.
    Note: Each quiz format will vary depending upon lecturer preferences. At the end of the quiz select the Go to Submit Quiz Button.  This action will open the Quiz Submission Confirmation page.Screenshot of the Save options within the Quiz.
  6. Select the Submit Quiz button.  You will then be prompted by the Confirmation window. Ensure you read the instructions carefully before selecting the Yes, submit quiz button.  Screen shot of the Confirmation window when submitting a quiz.
  7. A confirmation page will appear. This will detail the attempt number and length of time in the quiz. Depending on the settings enabled by your lecturer, you may also be able to see the answers you provided for each question and your attempt score.
    Screen shot of the confirmation page after you have submitted a quiz.