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Submitting an Assignment

This guide demonstrates how to submit an assignment within MyLO. Students can upload their assignments using common file types such as .docx, .xlsx, and .pdf.
Note: If your lecturer asks you to upload an excerpt of a discussion forum, you will need to copy and paste the relevant content into a Word document and upload the saved Word doc to the Assignment folder. Please ensure you check with your lecturer on their requirements.
1. From the MyLO Home page select your unit from the My Units widget.
This action will take you into your unit and onto your Unit Home page.

Screenshot of My Units widget.

2. Select the Assignment tool from the navbar.
This action will take you to the Assignment Folders page.

Access your assignments from the assessment group on the navigation bar

3. A list of assignments in your unit will be displayed. Select the relevant assignment Assignment by selecting the Assignment title.
This action will open the Submit Files - *Name of Assignment* page.

Screenshot of the assignments page.
4. Folder name, attached rubrics, and instructions for the assignment, as well as Start Date and Deadline details for the Assignment will be displayed.
Under the Submit Files section select the Add a File button.
This action will open a pop up titled Add a File.

Screenshot of the Submit Files - Assignment name page.

5. From here you can Browse for a file from your local computer, a storage device such as a USB, or your Locker within MyLO.
Locate and select your file for upload.
This action will close the pop up and return you to the Submit Files page.

Screenshot of Add a File pop up.

Select your file/s and press Add
6. Your assignment details will now appear in the Submit Files section.
Enter any comments you wish to submit with your assignment into the Comments field.

Screenshot of an uploaded assignment and the comments field.
7. Once you are finished with your assignment submission, select the Submit button.
The File Upload Results page will open with details of the successful submission.

Screenshot of the File Upload Results page.

Note: You will receive a receipt email confirming the successful submission of your assignment. If you do not receive confirmation of submission the file may not have gone through. You should double check that it has been submitted correctly.

Confirmation email

Note: In order for files to be processed by Turnitin they need to be under 40MB. If your file is bigger than this you may encounter the following error:

Turnitin error due to file size

If your file is larger than 40MB try to save it as a PDF file and tick the option to reduce file size to minimise your file size.