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Viewing Originality Report Within Turnitin and Academic Honesty

This guide demonstrates how you can view your Turnitin assignment submission originality report from within the Turnitin and  Academic Honesty unit within MyLO. Turnitin is a software application for University students and staff which can be used to improve academic honesty. Turnitin compares your work against the work of others through an online database.  This database of electronic material includes journals articles, websites, and students’ work. The software produces a report that highlights where there is a close match between your work and that found on the Turnitin database. You can use the Academic Honesty assignment folder to check your assignment and its sources.

NOTE: You will still need to submit your assignment into your own unit. Submission into the Academic Honesty Assignment Folder will NOT affect the originality score you receive in your unit.

1. From the MyLO Home page select the Turnitin and Academic Honesty unit from the My Units widget. This action will take you into the unit and onto your Unit Home page.

Choose the Academic Honesty unit from your homepage
You can also access Turnitin from within any unit easily via the Unit Information widget on your units homepage or via the drop-down in Admin & Help on the navigation bar in any other unit you are enrolled in. If you get an error when trying to access this unit or do not see it in your unit list enrol yourself here: is available via Admin and Help in any other unit you go to.

2. Read the announcements on the home page and then select Content from the navbar.

Once in the unit, after reading the announcments,  select Content

3. Information regarding Turnitin and Academic Honesty can be found within content. Select the Academic Honesty link to read more on this topic.  To upload your assignment you can select the Turnitin( check your originality here) module or you can submit your assignment via the Assignments tool in the navigation bar as per normal.

Information regarding Turnitin and how it works can be read within content. Press on the Academic Honesty for more information. To upload your assignment press on the Comparison module in content

4. From here you can submit your assignment as per the instructions found within this help guide. Please note that this link to the assignment folder within content is for submissions only. You cannot access your originalty report from here.

Press on the comparision Upload service to load your assignment

5. To view your Originality Score and Report, press on Assignments in the navigation bar of the unit.

To access your report please press on Assignment in the navigation bar

6. This will take you to  the screen in which you can view your submissions, feedback etc. To view your Originality Score press on the number within the Submissions area.

Press on your submission number

7. You will now be able to see your Originality Score. To get more information on your matched sources you can access Turnitin. To do this press on the colour next to the percentage. This will open in a new window and take you to the report within Turnitin.

Here you will find your originality score. For more information press on the colour next to the percentage

8. Within Turnitin you can view your source matches by pressing on the percentage number on the right hand of your screen. In the example below this in 100. Pressing on this will open up a match breakdown of all sources that have a match to your submission.

In Turnitin you can get a breakdown of sources by pressing on the overall score on the right hand side barYou will get a breakdown of sources/ matches to your submission