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Access an Web Conferencing recording

This guide is designed to help you access a recorded web conference within your MyLO unit.

Accessing Web Conferencing Recordings made in MyLO

1. To access recordings made within the new version of Blackboard Collaborate called Ultra, go to the Ultra Collaborate link within your unit.

Press on the Ultra Collaborate link in your unit

2. This will open up the Ultra interface and will show all your upcoming sessions by default.  Press on the Table of Contents in the Lefthand side of the navigation pane to open up more options.

Press on the table of contents tab

3. The most recent recordings will show here. These will only be recordings made in the last few days, so it may be empty as below.
Seelct Recordings from the table of contents

4. The Default setting is to show the most recent recordings ( those made within the last 30 days). To  change this so you can see all recordings for the semester, then choose the option to Show recordings in a range. Change the date to show recordings for the entire semester.

Select Show recordings in a range

5. Recordings will have the name of the room, the date it was recorded and the duration of the recording. You can view the Recording by pressing View Recording or you can download the recording to view later by pressing the Download Arrow.

Press View recording or press Download recording

6. Once you press View Recording the item will open in a new window. Depending on the duration of the recording it may take a few minutes before you are able to press play on the recording. If you select to Download the recording it will download into your Downloads folder where you can access the recording and play with your default Media Player.